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About company

Barrel is independent companies in the energy sector.

We operate across the globe.

Our company continues to formulate ambitious growth plans, rooted in a distinct vision of the way we can add value as the oil business evolves.

Long-term supply contracts concluded for a period of not less than 1 year. These supply agreements are concluded for the implementation of the minimum annual volume of deliveries of petroleum products 600 000 tons.

Petroleum product prices are determined on the basis of average market selling prices from refineries and subject to regular review in response to changes in market conditions.

Supply contracts for payment for delivery after the fact, may be made only if the conformity assessment of the creditworthiness of the buyer criteria, conducted under the applicable procedures of the Company, and the provision of related services (bank guarantee, surety and other species, under the existing legislation).

Depending on the annual volume of deliveries of petroleum products and terms of payment (advance payment) may be granted a discount of up to 9% of the average market price.

Deliveries are made on the basis of free departure station (w / e tank). Transportation of petroleum products carried in tank and paid by the Buyer.

The campaign for the long-term contracting of supplies is carried out during October and November of each year.

Short-term supply agreements entered into for the supply of petroleum products in the minimum amount of 500 tons shipped during the calendar month.

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